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“Why sexism exists in adult world?”

▲ HeForShe booth was set up during the Women’s Marathon, attracting families and couples, on May 13.   ©Soohee Yeon

“I have two daughters and a son, but I’ve never discriminated against based on their gender. However, the real world seems very different from what it’s like in our household. It’s a shame that gender discrimination still exists today. I hope more men join HeForShe campaign.” (Kim Tae Uk)

The city of Seoul and Women News co-hosted the 17th Women’s Marathon at Sangam World  Cup Park on May 13th.  The HeForShe booth was set up during the event, and it has grabbed many participants’ attention.

The men who participated the marathon with their wives, lovers and daughters have  joined at the HeForShe booth for an event. They pledged for the HeForShe Campaign, to promote gender equality, by writing their names on a HeForShe sign and holding it up in front of the HeForShe photo booth. Not only for men, the HeForShe photo booth was popular amongst various groups of people.

Some participants have taken the brochures in order to promote the campaign.

Women News has appointed the national TaeKwondo athlete Daehoon Lee and short track athlete YoonKi Kwak as the HeForShe ambassador. During the event, they explained what HeForShe campaign is about.

The HeForShe campaign is not limited to adults. The HeForShe was crowded with the teenagers. One of the teen participants YoungJun Kim said “There are many smart girls in my class. I don’t believe men are smarter than women. In the classroom there’s no discrimination against gender. However, I don’t understand why there’s sexism still exists in the adult world.” as he shook his head.

Within young men, the HeForShe campaign was widely well known through Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech. A 29-year-old Changhee Jeon said “I believe in our generation there’s less male centric traditions. I believe men and women are equal” and then he added “I like Emma Watson, and I was moved by her HeForShe speech. I strongly agreed with  ”If not me, who? If not now, when?” quote.”

A 27-year-old Bain group employee Songwha Baek said “I believe gender equality should be everywhere just like air. It’s a shame that it still exists today.” Her colleague Jieun Jeong also agreed.

A 61-year-old MyeongHwan Cha stopped at the HeForShe booth with his wife. He said “I hope there’s no gender discrimination for my grand daughter’s generation” after he pledged for the HeForShe campaign.

The HeForShe booth was attracting non-Koreans as well. Natalia Corgan, who works for a Korean company told Women News that “The HeForShe booth was set up very neatly.” She also added “There are women leaders all over the world, but Korea seem to have its patriarchal mindset. I wish Women Newspaper’s HeForShe campaign the best luck.”

More than 400 men pledged for the HeForShe campaign during the marathon.

The members of Seoul Foundation of Women & Family interviewed marathon participants regarding “What I think about gender equality” using the photo frame.

KyuSook Um, the manager at the Seoul Foundation of Women & Family, said “Achieving gender equality will only come true if two genders work together. Not only for women but equality for men is gender equality.” She also added “I hope the HeForShe campaign grows bigger.” 

More than 100 people gathered around the main stage from 10:30 a.m. for the HeForShe performance began. The dance for HeForShe song is easy to follow and energetic.  

The HeForShe song was first released on this day and it was written by JaeKyong Shim, the winner of the Campus Song Festival in 1983. 

Shim explained “I interpreted HeForShe into Korean so that many Koreans can understand. Anyone can sing along easily. I wrote this song with a hope that everyone in this world work together toward gender equality.” 

The video will be available via HeForShe Korea website and social media. 

If you wish to make a pledge for the HeForShe campaign, you can visit www.facebook.com/wnheforshekr and upload a picture for the HeForShe campaign with a hashtag #HeForShe. 

The one with the most shares will be awarded with a Kyungdong Navien hot water matt, NorthFace backpack, etc. 

Park GillJa Women’s news reporters / Trans by Casey Cho
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